About Ultra Lyte Running

At Ultra Lyte Running, we are dedicated to recreating the feeling of freedom in running gear for both men and women. In other words, our goal is to re-engineer running accessories to be the best running gear to date. Our mission, from the very beginning, has been to address the needs of the running and endurance community, and we proudly count ourselves as active members of this community. We intimately understand the joys and challenges that runners face because we experience them firsthand.

One fundamental issue that we observed within the running world was the presence of equipment that seemed to encumber rather than enhance the running experience. It's disheartening to see runners weighed down by an array of running accessories that hinder the very essence of running – the exhilarating feeling of freedom.

We have personally designed and tested our product here at our headquarters in Cedarville, Ohio, to ensure the highest quality and performance for our customers. Our goal here at Ultra Lyte Running is to change this narrative. We are committed to bringing running back to its essentials, ensuring that our running gear and running accessories never interfere with the liberating sensation of running as it was intended. We believe that runners should be able to move unencumbered, and our innovative approach to designing and crafting gifts for runners and running gear is driven by this unwavering commitment to enhancing your running experience.